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Bye, Mom.

The Princess Diaries - Kate Middleton

Princess of Genovia. MIA: Me? A princess? Are you nuts! NevertheIess, you are the princess. MIA: Why wouId you pick me to be your princess? That's our Iaw.

NYTW / Mandy Patinkin in Concert: Diaries

I'm royaI by marriage. You are royaI by bIood. You can ruIe. MIA: RuIe? Oh, no. No, no, no.

The Princess Diaries (The Score) - The Princess Diaries Waltz

Now you have reaIIy got the wrong girI. In my wiIdest dreams I never expected this to happen. But you are the IegaI heir-- the onIy heir-- to the Genovian throne Oh, I can give you books. I can teach you to waIk, taIk, sit, stand MIA: Whoa, whoa.

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Just-- Rewind and freeze. I'm stiII waiting for normaI body parts to arrive. I refuse to move to and ruIe a country So after Mia disses Michael, leaving him for jerky Josh; Michael is heartbroken and hurt.

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Mia realizes what a great guy Michael is and tries to invite him as her date and make it up to him, but Michael is still upset understandable and turns her down. So Mia will not just let that be, she feels so bad about everything and wants to make it up to Michael. Not only did she do a huge romantic move, but she made sure that she got him his favorites how thoughtful! Not to mention to make this even better, Michael checks out the pizza, checks his watch, and then hurries to get ready so that he can be there for her.

That Pizza Box is referring to him. One HOT guy! Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment:.

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