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Its carbon fiber and aluminum body is enormous at 19 feet long, yet it's just a two-door coupe.

Inspired by helicopters.

The front overhang is nearly nonexistent, but the tail stretches way behind the back wheels. Signature round headlights blend into a fully illuminated grille. Even the hood ornament and center trim piece on the hood light up. The doors open in a scissor fashion just like a Lamborghini. At the back, the car features OLED taillights. The wheels even have active aerodynamic panels, and apparently the Pirelli tires can, at least conceptually, change their pattern and contact patch for various driving conditions.

Under the sizable yet slinky skin is a fully electric powertrain. It features four motors, one for each wheel, to provide full torque vectoring.

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They deliver a lot of torque, too, at 1, pound-feet. The car can be driven fully autonomously or manually. It can be configured to seat two to four people.

  1. Bentley's centennial concept car comes with an AI butler.
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  3. Continental.

It's trimmed with 5,year-old wood salvaged from peat bogs, and copper has been infused with it. Fabric trim features fiber optics woven in for illuminated patterns. The leather is not from animals, but rather created from byproducts of wine making. Crystal is featured heavily, too, and it is used for getting information about the onboard AI.

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  • The AI system works to keep you comfortable, and to do so, it monitors your mood with biometrics, even detecting your blood pressure. It can alter the amount of light in the cabin, the temperature and other settings. A unique feature of the car is the ability to simulate lighting conditions from past drives if the current weather is dreary.

    Weather the Heat with These Summer Car Essentials

    The car even has a unique scent that can be applied to the cabin that's a mix of sandalwood and moss. Will we see a Bentley like this reach production in ? Time will tell. We're sure we'll see an electric Bentley with high performance, advanced driver assistance systems, and loads of luxurious appointments then, if not sooner.

    We might even see one that looks a lot like this concept. As for full autonomy and blood-pressure monitoring AI, well, we'll stick with a maybe for the former, and a hopefully not for the latter. We can adjust our own interior settings without constant surveillance by a computer, thank you very much. We get it. Ads can be annoying. But ads are also how we keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog - and keep our stories free for you and for everyone.

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    Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 (103EX) - interior Exterior

    A total of four electric motors power each wheel for simulated all-paw traction, serving up a zero to 60 time of around 2. Bentley claims the EXP GT can boast a driving distance of up to kilometers, or around miles on a single charge.

    Bentley EXP GT - the future of Grand Touring |World of Bentley | Bentley Motors

    When recharged properly, the Bentley EXP GT can replenish its battery to up to 80 percent from fully depleted in just 15 minutes. To top it all off, the car supposedly only weighs 4, pounds. It even features its own purified water decanter should one feel parched on during their journey. The system can also provide recommendations according to personal driving habits , actively relaying real-time information for quick navigation and factoring in charge points for long-distance journeys.

    It can also recommend any luxurious attractions one may encounter in between, all thanks to the incorporation of specially programmed artificial intelligence.